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Adventuring in the Sensorium 

Speculative Design

Experimental Fashion / Wearables

Physical Computing

Adventuring in the Sensorium is an ongoing experimental art series that uses embodied research, creative technologies, and experience design to find new ways of empathetically relating to non-human animals.


The project began by asking whether one could radically alter one's relationship with one's environment. By documenting a series of attempts to 'try on' other species' sensory and emotional experiences, the project aims to encourage audiences to decenter the human in favor of imagining the awe-some, alien sensorium that only other life forms can access.

Questions under artistic consideration:

How do humans relate to the natural world? How can I use art research practices to encourage us to reorient ourselves? 

Can we use technology and art to access felt experiences that are alien to the human?

Can we encourage feelings of awe and wonderment around biodiversity? 

Can we encourage humans to reconsider our sense of supremacy over other life forms?

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