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Hi, I'm Rachel

I'm an award-winning artist and designer leveraging speculative concepts, a process-led creative practice, and emerging technologies to create new ways of engaging with large-scale social challenges.



Key areas of interest include:

  • Speculative Design / Futures

  • Immersive / Experience Design

  • Machine Learning / AI

  • BioDesign / Biomaterials

  • Experimental Fashion / Wearables

  • Physical Computing / Robotics

Design Skills

Graphic design & illustration with Illustrator, Photoshop & Publisher

Concept sketching

Strategy & vision presentations

Style guides

Wireflows, wireframes, & mockups with Figma

Projection mapping with MadMapper & Isadora

Simple motion graphics with AfterEffects

Video editing with Premiere

Research Methods

Rapid iteration, playtesting, and prototyping

Design fiction & storytelling

Futures thinking with Cone of Possibilities, The Thing from the Future & Futures Wheel

Embodied research

Behavioral & affinity mapping

Competitor analysis

Participant observation, surveys, & interviews


Speculative Thinking


Training AI / machine learning models with RunwayML

Creative coding with Python, P5.js, HMTL & CSS

Working with bioplastics & living materials

Working with scent design

Physical computing with Raspberry Pi, Arduino & microsensors

Communication & Collaboration Skills

Defining and crafting narrative

Copy and content writing

Ideating with FigJam & Miro  

Managing workflows with Notion, Asana & Airtable

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